About MINE for Facebook


MINE for Facebook is a Facebook client created with one mission in mind: your Facebook experience, the way you want it.

Of course you can see your Facebook timeline, see and respond to your private messages, post updates, comment & like, view albums, events, groups, pages, ..., but you can go one step further if you wish. We've included a bunch of extra feeds, which allow you to see more than what is regularly shown in your news feed. Ever wanted to see all the photo's your friends post? What about all the links they shared? Or what about everything they post through Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, ...?
Now you can.
Some of our features:
  • View your Facebook news feed.
  • Comment, like & update your status, share a link, add a picture, ...
  • View your friends' profile pages, your events, your groups, ... including wall posts.
  • View & respond to private messages in a friendly layout.
  • See more with our customized feeds! All pictures, everything from Twitter, all YouTube posts, ... all at the power of your fingertips.
  • Update your Facebook status or share a link or picture from any application which supports sharing.
  • Get notifications from Facebook right on your Windows start screen, and receive toasts when something new is available!
  • View your photo albums in a beautiful photo layout.
  • Search Facebook from anywhere in Windows.
  • Designed with Windows 8 in mind, for both touch & non-touch devices.



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What are other people saying about us?

"We must admit that we found MINE for Facebook extremely useful for keeping track of activity on our social network. It works smoothly and looks gloriously uncluttered."


— Technology Personalized (techpp.com)

"Best Facebook application I have ever used.  Much better than the official app for iPad"

— Josef, Windows Store review

 "Overall, MINE for Facebook is a wonderful app that simply blows all the competion we have seen so far."  

— AddictiveTips.com